How Water Is Truly Superior When It Comes To Cleaning

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November 5, 2016
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January 7, 2017
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How Water Is Truly Superior When It Comes To Cleaning

Whenever the time comes to wash something, we always tend to use hot water to help get the job done. Why is that? Well, the answer is actually a mix of facts and myths, such as the following:

Myth: Hot Water Can Kill Germs

This is such a deep-rooted myth that it causes everyone to wash their hands in hot water. However, the myth is believable due to the fact that boiling water actually does kill germs, though humans themselves are unable to physically tolerate that kind of heat, whether they’re washing their hands or cleaning something. Even an extremely weak germ requires approximately 55 degrees Celsius for a full minute in order to be killed, which is far more than any amount of human skin can stand. Stronger germs, on the other hand, require temperatures higher than 90 degrees, which can cause very severe burns to human skin.

Fact: Hot Water Can Cut Through Grease

Both oil and grease are able to congeal into solids with a high bond, causing them to stick to all sorts of containers instead of floating on water. This is something that can be easily broken with hot water. 35 degrees is around the melting point for bacon fat, and it’s also cool enough for a human to put their hands in. Whenever fat is exposed to water at this temperature, it will melt, float, and wash away.

Myth: Hot Water Can Lift Up Dirt

Lifting up dirt is something that can be done by soap, essential oil, and many fat-based cleaners – not hot water. The molecules of the cleaner actually surround the dirt particles, bonding with them and separating them from dirt and other various surfaces. Afterward, they can be either wiped or washed away. Water of any temperature will not be able to do this.

Fact: Hot Water is a Great Solvent

Whenever water is heated, the molecules move much more quickly and bounce off of one another. As a result, this creates more space that can be filled with dissolved solvents, meaning that hot water can dissolve materials faster than cold water. Furthermore, hot water can transfer heat to anything that it touches. For instance, hot water that is mixed with soap can provide you with hot soap and can lift dirt much easier.

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