Ten Most Common Cleaning Mistakes You’re Probably Making

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November 14, 2016
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January 12, 2017
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Ten Most Common Cleaning Mistakes You’re Probably Making

• Ignoring cleaning products stand time

For an effective and a lovely outcome, make it a habit to follow the stipulated standing time.

It will help you achieve results that are more rewarding.

• Using dust filled vacuum bag

Using a vacuum can be strenuous; especially when the vacuum bag is full. It tends to blow out the dirt instead of sucking it in. Regular emptying of the vacuum bag will make your cleaning experience more liberating.

• Extreme scrubbing

Immense scrubbing damages fabrics and surfaces. It also spreads the dirt to unseen areas. Practice temperate brushing for finest cleaning results.

• Excess use of cleaning products

Most people think that using excess detergent will make things cleaner. Glut detergent leaves stains on clothes and surfaces. It further doubles the time spend cleaning, as you have to do a double or a triple rinse.

• Using dirty rags to clean.

Whereas rags facilitate a decent wipe, using dirty dusters can be a catastrophe. They worsen the state at hand by making it murkier.

• Repeating wrong cleaning processes

Sticking to a wrong cleaning process for a long period without realizing can also cause havoc in your dynasty. Be sure to check if a certain process is fit before making it a routine.

• Starting from wrong angles and point

Just like any other progressions, cleaning needs to be done in an organized manner. It is sensible to start for the highest point downwards. This will guarantee complete cleanliness.

• Using wrong cleaning tools

Specific items demand particular cleaning tools. Thorough research will help you discover the appropriate cleaning tools for different items.

• Start by removing dust and sitting dirt

While cleaning surfaces make sure to start by wiping off dust and any sitting dirt. Shun from spraying any liquid on the surface before dusting. If you do this, you will exacerbate the condition and make it hard to achieve a satisfying outcome.

• Soak your dishes or use warm water

Avoid washing dirty dishes with running cold water, because even though cleaning with water is better, it will not only waste your time and energy but also consume much of your energy. Instead soaked dishes are easier to clean as tough stains come out effortlessly.

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