Ten Important Spring Cleaning Tips To Not Overlook

Simple & Effective Tips to a Pet-Friendly & Clean Home
January 20, 2017
February 18, 2017
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Ten Important Spring Cleaning Tips To Not Overlook

When spring comes, so does the ever-important spring cleaning, no matter how much you may dislike it. It’s something that always has to be done no matter what. If this is something that you’re new to doing or if you’re experienced at it, there are a few important tips that you should make note of in order to help make your overall experience a successful one.

Plan Ahead

No matter the size of your living space, planning ahead is something that’s extremely important. For instance, make a list of every area of your home that needs to be cleaned, ensuring that you don’t leave anything out. If you have to clean your house because of pets then be sure to take some extra time to do it right.

Have All of Your Cleaning Tools Ready

Once your plan is completely laid out, gather all of your cleaning materials together, such as rags, a mop, and any other equipment that you may need. This will make sure that you’re fully prepared for the task ahead.


This is a task in which you will need to dispose of anything and everything that you don’t need or use anymore, such as clothing and magazines. Do this in every room of your home. If you don’t feel like throwing them away, consider donating them to a local thrift store.

Start Your Cleaning Tasks Early

Starting your cleaning tasks early is a great thing to do because then, you will be able to take advantage of all of the rewards that come your way, such as being able to finish early. Remember that your home is just that – yours, meaning that you can play by your own rules.

Begin from the Top

If you live in a multi-level home, begin cleaning on the upper floors and head down. If you’re cleaning in a single room, start from the top and work your way to the bottom. This will help to ensure that dirt will not get onto surfaces that have already been cleaned.

Take Your Time When You Need To

If you attempt to clean your entire home at once, chances are you’ll end up missing spots. In order to avoid this, take the time to give each area of your home a more thorough cleaning before moving onto something else. Furthermore, give each area a specific time frame in which to clean it so that you can eliminate distractions.


Once you’ve gathered everything that you want to get rid of, take a closer look to see if there’s still anything that you can put to better use. This will help you to not only save money, but also save the environment as well.

Work Together with Friends

There may be times where you discover that all of this work may be too much for one single person to complete. If this is the case, consider asking some of your close friends to join in and help you out. This will also help provide some great bonding opportunities as well. If your friends are available then it might be a good idea to call a local cleaning team to come over.

Use Caution When Handling Heavy Objects

Spring cleaning is a process that is so intense that it can cause people to often forget many important basic precautions, such as remembering how to stay unhurt. It’s extremely important to be extremely cautious when handling heavy objects, including using all of the basic proper lifting techniques and watching your space. Furthermore, always be careful when using ladders and stools, as well as using extra caution around any wet surface.

Put Everything Away When Finished

When your cleaning tasks are complete, be sure to put everything that you’ve used back in their proper place. Always do this immediately, as waiting until later on can pose a serious safety risk to both yourself and others.

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