Six Important Questions To Ask Any Maid Service

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January 7, 2017
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Six Important Questions To Ask Any Maid Service

In today’s world, it’s normal to become too busy to have time to clean our own homes. As a result, we often have to consider contacting a reputable cleaning service to assist us with this task; however, hiring a professional maid service can also be stressful because of the fact that it essentially gives a compete stranger total access to your home.

There are all sorts of questions that you should consider asking yourself, such as whether or not you can trust a certain individual to clean your home or if they’re actually the right person for the job. Additionally, there are also some other questions that you should consider asking any professional maid, which include the following:

Are You Licensed?

This is perhaps the first and most important question that you should ask any company because this means that the industry in which they belong to is actually licensed by the state to operate as a business. These companies are actually committed and won’t actually leave after just one day without giving you some kind of notice. You will be able to actually make some kind of arrangements in the event that a cleaner needs to cancel their services.

Are You Bonded and Insured?

Bonding refers to insurance obtained by a business so if an employee either breaks or steals something from you, a claim can be filed which will result in you either being paid or having the item completely replaced. Hiring a dependable maid company that isn’t bonded and insured will result in you being out of luck, as you won’t be able to be compensated in any way.

How Many People Can I Expect in My Home?

Depending on the company, you can always expect a different amount of people in your home during any kind of cleaning process. On the other hand, there are also some business that generally always send the same person every time, which some homeowners prefer as it helps to build a sense of trust, especially if anything goes missing because then they know who to ask. However, you can expect more work to be done by a team than by a single person.

Are Background Checks on Employees Conducted?

Many companies always conduct comprehensive background checks on employees; however, if you decide to hire an independent cleaner, the responsibility to conduct a background check falls upon your shoulders.

Do Cleaners Bring Their Own Supplies?

There are some companies that ask you to provide supplies for cleaners to use, while some companies provide their own supplies.  At Calgary Cleaning Services, when you contact our cleaners, you have the option to ask them to either use your own personal products or our green-certified solutions.

How Much Do You Charge?

The pricing plan depends on the company that you decide to hire. Some companies choose to charge by the hour, while some may charge by the project. There are also some who will charge depending on the number of employees that will be involved in the job. Remember, that if you make a mistake when cleaning then you’ll probably end up spending more to fix the problem than if you had just hired a maid service to begin with. So keep that in mind!

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