Want To Get A Carpet Cleaning in Calgary, Alberta?

Calgary Cleaning Services offers many quality home and commercial carpet cleaning options. Our first step is to determine the best cleaning option for your house or business. We will take a close look at your carpet’s composition, the age of your carpet, and the traffic patterns taking place in your place. Our thorough analysis will help us select a cleaning option that will offer the best results.

Dealing with the daily grind of running a successful business or maintaining your house can be challenging for anyone. This is why it is imperative for you to leave the task of carpet cleaning to an experienced professional.

Consider joining the proud ranks of many households and prominent businesses throughout Calgary and surrounding areas by scheduling a carpet cleaning program with us. We offer monthly cleaning, quarterly cleaning, and a yearly clean. We will be more than happy to serve you.

Rotary Carpet Cleaning

We pre-treat all visible stains prior to rotary cleaning. Rotary cleaning is ideal for heavily soiled carpets. Rotary cleaning provides a deep cleaning of the carpet fibers. We use a special machine for this unique carpet cleaning process. The machine will clean your carpet with a powerful synthetic solution and a durable nylon brush.

Steam Cleaning

We will walk throughout your place of business and spot clean your carpet for stains. We will also treat your carpet for odor and eliminate mold spores with a specialized anti-bacterial agent. This will prepare your carpet for our steam cleaning service.

Steam cleaning loosens the grime and debris trapped in the carpet fibers. Synthetic solutions are added to the water to help remove the grime and debris. The carpet is left to dry after soil, residue, and moisture is extracted. It will take several hours for your carpet to dry. Our technicians can clean stairs, elevators, and landings with the steam cleaning process. Please keep in mind that steam cleaning is well-known for killing dust mites and eliminating harmful pollutants.

Quick Dry Carpet Cleaning

For fast drying results, we will use rotary carpet cleaning with specific solutions that will dry within three hours. The carpet must be vacuumed after it is dry.

Spot Cleaning

Stubborn spots on carpets need extra attention and care. Our experienced technicians excel when it comes to spot cleaning services carpet and upholstery.

Interim Carpet Cleaning

It is normal for the workplace to have high traffic areas. High traffic areas attract stains and dirt. Interim carpet cleaning addresses this problem and can extend the life of your carpet.

Static Electricity in Your Carpet

We will use an anti-static spray to eliminate the troublesome effects of static electricity on your carpet.

Upholstery Cleaning

Our upholstery cleaning services provide exceptional results when it comes to cleaning mats and area rugs. We will also clean upholstered office dividers (notorious for attracting dust, allergens, and hand prints) with our upholstery tools.

Carpet and Fabric Protection

We offer premium carpet and fabric protection for your carpets and soft materials. This is generally executed after steam cleaning. Please keep in mind that the solution will wear off after time, and needs to be reapplied.

Flood Cleaning and Restoration

Flood cleaning and restoration is a tough job that can be handled by Calgary Cleaning Services with ease. First, we will extract all the water. After that, we will lift your carpet to see if there is an underlay. The underlay cannot be preserved. It must be replaced.

We will proceed with setting up air movers and dehumidifiers to speed up the drying process. The last step calls for us to treat your carpet for odor and mold spores.

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